1788 April 9, London’s Public Advertiser.

They have met every danger and risked death to support His Majesty’s authority “and the rights of the British legislature.” Their right to compensation for their losses “is perfectly founded on the immutable principles of reason, and of justice, which form the establishments of all civil societies; on the fundamental laws of the British Constitution” and His Majesty’s proclamation calling on all faithful subjects to support the state against the rebellion. They lay at His Majesty’s feet the “melancholy facts”: Many have been reduced from affluence to poverty; “others, under the pressure of want, have died with broken hearts–and some have been driven by their distress into insanity, and from insanity to suicide, leaving their helpless widows and orphans to prolong their miserable existence on the cold charity of strangers.”

Signed by Wm Pepperrell, Geo Rome, Jas De Lancey, Jos Galloway, Rbt Alexander, John Randolph Grymes, &c.

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